In the days since the attempted coup in Washington DC — which Azimuth Social Research advisor Chuck Call aptly dubbed a “self-coup” — many commentators have unwittingly resorted to racist tropes to critique Trump, implicitly denigrating the inhabitants of countries with lower per capita incomes and darker skins.

Trump called lower income countries “shitholes”

Consider journalist Leonard Greene, who wrote in the New York Daily News, Welcome to America, a would-be third-world dictatorship. Or consider Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who that this is 3rd world style anti-American anarchy.

Building public support for human rights reform is crucial. Without a broad and deep public constituency, legislators will not pass the necessary laws, supervisors will not enforce new rules, and citizens will not demand real accountability and change.

By James Ron, Azimuth Social Research

For a long time now, we have known that non-governmental rights groups play a key role in these reform efforts. They lobby lawmakers and government, report abuses, and mobilize public attention, and these efforts are sometimes successful. All too often, however, human rights groups…

At the 1995 Beijing world conference, feminists worked hard to elevate gender concerns by promoting the slogan, “women’s rights are human rights.”

Over time, they hoped, ordinary people would come to view gender equality, protection from domestic violence, and other critical issues facing women as no less important than the rights of male political activists seeking protection from torture and imprisonment.

Thirty years later, who supports this claim? What traction does the…

James Ron

James Ron grew up in Israel and taught sociology in American, Canadian and Mexican universities.

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